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International Culture & Education Park Of Xixian New Area

Xixian International Culture & Education Park is the major project of culture development in Xixian New Area. It locates in Fengxi New City(part of Xixian New Area) , east to the Feng River, west to the Fengwei Avenue, north to the Xi'an-Baoji Highway(new line) and south to the 6th Keji Road. it is 19 km away from the centre of Xi'an and 8 km away from Xianyang City. Airport is on the north, with a distance of 17 km. The planned Sub-way Line 5 and Tram Line 8 will run through the park. The whole project covers an area of 14 km2, of which 1.7 km2 land will be developed in the first phase.

It will introduce the international first-class universities into the park for joint operation of the schools. With gathering the international famous universities, vocational education and high-end training as the core, and culture as the bond, we will develop international culture, education, medical and scientific research, and establish a new international Silk Road town.

Key projects


Xixian International Medical City, organized by Xixian New Area Management Committee and Northwest University, is the main project of Xixian International Culture & Education Park. It is located in Fengxi New Town of Xixian New Area, adjacent to Feng River in the east, thousands of hectares of Fengxi ecological farm in the west. The first-phase project covers the planned area of 1,000mu and has the investment of RMB 5 billion Yuan. Xixian International Medical City is an international garden city integrating medical treatment, education, rehabilitation, provision for the aged and detection. The project combines modern western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine to create an international education farmland city which integrates culture, tourism, and recuperation. Xixian International Medical City will be a world-class health-care service platform in the future.

At present, we cooperate with UCSD to establish the first sino-foreign medical college, international hospital and research center in China, develop a world-class international medical and health platform, and create a highland of medical education and healthcare industry.


The Sha River runs through the whole area of Xixian International Culture and Education Park. Crossing the river, the acient Sha River Bridge was well known as "the origin point of the Silk Road." We will represent the local culture and the bracing landscape to the public through waterbody restoration and landscape reproduction. The total investment is over 1.5 billion RMB. The project will combine Waterbody restoration, landscape reproduction and commercial development along the river to transform the river course zone into a scenic corridor and a national river park.


Ji Village , located in the centre of Xixian International Culture and Education Park, is surrounded by farmlands. In order to keep the historical scenes of this village, instead of demolition of the whole village, the renovation will be carried out under the overall design for the existing construction, enabling the farmland around it to be preserved, with the urban agriculture being introduced. Ji Village will be a model village combines garden city and rural construction.

The project, which has a total amount of 1billion RMB in investment, with 560 villagers (roughly 185 households) involved and a reconstructed area of 95,000 m2.


Xixian YWIES International Education School of Shaanxi (YWIES) is the first international project in Xixian International Culture and Education Park. The project covers different school-running levels of the international kindergarten, primary school, junior high school, senior high school and college preparatory department etc. They enroll the students from home and abroad, give full play to the rich educational resources and advantages in internationalization, optimization, professionalization and networking of Hong Kong B&P Holdings Limited, provide international education and living support service comprehensively.

The planned area of the project is about 200mu. The total building area of it is 95,000m2. It is to be constructed in October, 2014 and will enroll the students in 2016.

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